Having grown up in the food business, I love everything that has to do with food. I always preferred trips to the slaughterhouse with my grandfather to going to the kindergarten. I enjoy cooking and most things that have to do with it, starting with shopping for the meals, but I am scared by the new shops selling specialized kitchenware. Trying out different food is what I like about holidays. I don’t like cooking books, although I recently found out that they can actually be quite useful (sometimes). In Iran I have learned the love for fruit (fresh & dried).

Obviously, wine is part of the food. My favourite regions are Bourgogne, Mosel, Piedmont, Rioja, Sicily, and Tuscany. I also love Port, especially at night.



I got into rugs when I made friends with rug producers and dealers from Cashmere during my first trip to Mumbai. Our first visit to Iran some years later deepened my addiction. The quality of the colours and wools determine my affection. My special field of interest are pictorial pieces. The fact that my salary will never allow me to build up a superb collection is the main complaint I have against my profession.


I constantly listen to music throughout the day. 6 hours of music are a minimum. I love the sound of the Santoor in the early morning hours, and Indian vocal music late at night. For the rest of the day, I prefer classics and jazz. Any day without some Mozart is wasted.


I was never a good player, but as a boy I had some ambitions as a goal-keeper. I enjoy playing once or twice a week at the university. My favourite teams are 1. FC Köln, SC Napoli and since moving to Bergen, Brann.